Laptop Repair

There’s truly plenty of things that can go wrong with a laptop, be it a Windows-powered one, a Chromebook or a MacBook. Starting with the charger issues and well into hardware parts replacement, we’re your guys for fixing it all! Besides, we are familiar with virtually any laptop manufacturing brand!

Replacing hardware parts is how oftentimes a serious PC or a laptop glitch gets fixed.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the overall quality of the parts a tech company has in stock and their range.
We have both, being able to find a replacement part virtually for any computer or a laptop!

Here’s a list of some of the computers repair:

  • Toshiba laptops –
  • Lenovo computers – support for Lenovo laptop computers including  the blue screen Lenovo laptop repair, Lenovo laptop virus removal, Lenovo laptop data recovery, Lenovo laptop screen repair, Lenovo laptop backlight change, Lenovo laptop memory and hard disk upgrade, reliable lenovo laptop repair service for all kinds of lenovo hardware and software related computer problems at very competitive prices ,  we stock wide range of Lenovo LCD screens/ LED. All repairs and fitting of  the screens done on  our on-site workshop. We offer a turnaround time of 2-3 days for this service depends on your setuation.
  • Asus laptops – Asus laptop repair services, our repairs includes  Broken screen, Asus faulty keyboard, charging port issues, hard drive failure, viruses removal or Windows problems will be fixed by our technical team. Asus laptop repair service provider in London offering comprehensive laptop repair, upgrade memory and maintenance services at extremely competitive prices. we provide professional Asus laptop diagnostic same day , why not to try our walk in repair centre located in Central London. Complete Asus Tech Support Service in London include Asus screen repair, Asus keyboard repplacement, Asus software installation, Asus data backup, Asus tech support, Asus power jack repair, Asus keypad repair, Asus cover replace, Asus mouse pad, Asus battery, Asus charger, Asus dc socket fix, Asus power supply unit, Asus lcd replacement, Asus drivers update and Asus Bios upgrade.
  • Dell laptops –
  • Matrix
  • CPUs