Mac Diagnostics

Mac Diagnostics

No appointment necessary, you don’t need an appointment to get your Mac looked at. You can walk-in or if you’re a business or private.

Being fully aware that any issue with a Mac computer (especially if it’s an old MacBook or a MacMini) can be costly to fix, we will give you a fix quotation after diagnostics and issue assessment service! This means that the final decision on applying the fix will be resting in your hands!

Replacing hardware parts is how oftentimes a serious PC or a laptop glitch gets fixed.
Ultimately, it all comes down to the overall quality of the parts a tech company has in stock and their range.
We have both, being able to find a replacement part virtually for any computer or a laptop!,

Our fast effective Apple Mac repair service centre  uses genuine Apple parts and carried out by trained engineers, receive expert mac service to fix your computer whether it has cracked screen, non working keyboard, faulty SSD ( hard disk ) and other apple mac issues.

We offer an express service to expedite your quotation and the repairs in the minimum possible turnaround, this option give you 24 hours turn around when you request the express service.  We will keep you up to date with the status of your repair so you can plan ahead, remember to consider our data recovery service before changing your computer hard disk.

Here’s a list of the parts that we replace most usually:

  • RAMs
  • Graphic (video) cards
  • LCD screens

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