IT Consulting & Finance

It isn’t easy finding an IT service provider that is reliable and trustworthy. We have made it easy for you to choose us and have confidence in our IT services.

We Computing  has vast knowledge and experience in designing and implementing IT strategies, helping and guiding you through your IT projects with the best practices and solutions. Our recommendations are based on tested and tried software and hardware.

We specialise in providing IT consulting to small and medium size businesses. We offer different levels of IT consultancy services to businesses with existing IT infrastructure but who are eager to improve their networking, reduce costs and have more effective resources. We also focus on clients that do not employ in-house IT personnel to look after their network and provide them the flexible and specialised service they need.

Consultancy combined with strong recommendation and IT reviews

After our inspection and evaluation of your IT infrastructure (cabling, servers, workstations) we will make a documented list of recommendations with project-plan for your business requirements. The final service level agreement will include specific hardware, software, cost, duration and implementation. This will help client-companies to monitor the performance of their IT service providers.


Consultancy with full implementation

This service is suitable for companies who have specific IT requirements, or companies looking to develop and implement a full strategic plan. This plan will benefit companies struggling with their current IT provider or looking to outsource their IT support. We will prepare a simple but detailed IT plan for your business.


Highlights of consultancy services:

      -- Developing a flexible IT plan

      -- Analyse business security risks

      -- Data back up and system migrations reviews

      -- Network evaluation

      -- Disaster recovery

      -- Email and exchange setup

      -- Cloud bifacial strategy

      -- Troubleshooting specific problems


 Financing your IT project and IT Assets:

 Over £1 Billion of IT assets get financed almost a year across the UK to deliver cash flow and total cost of ownership benefits.

 When you fund your IT hardware and service through us you will be working with the most innovative, customer focused specialists in the business. You will also benefit from the considerable business advantages associated with flexible financing. We work with Syscap, the market leading independent finance provider, which means that you are guaranteed the strongest underwriting support in the business.


Finance makes sense for modern business. Its benefits include: 

Improved cash flow and instant RO

By making fixed monthly payments over the duration of the finance agreement you can spread payments over the useful life of your equipment, rather than having to find the capital upfront. This way, you can generate instant return on your IT investment.


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