Computer & PC Repairs


 We Computing team has qualified engineers who can easily diagnose and repair all common computer problems, hardware problems and peripheral connectivity problems. We carry a range of diagnostic tools, expertise and hardware knowledge for remedying more serious problems, any computer problems. We Computing walk in service centre in London west end, we are here to repair your laptop or desktop PC.Some of the computer brands we repair are Toshiba, IBM, Dell, Apple laptops, Sony Vaio laptops and iPads, Advent pc, Acer laptops and pcs, Asus desktop and laptops, Apple Mac book, iMac, ibook, Power Book. If you want to inquire about something! Call 020 7580 8496 or just fill in the contact form and we will get in touch immediately. Unlike some other service centres We Computing has a very quick service, same day diagnostics and quotation. We even repair it the same day (*conditions apply). 


Software problems / virus removal

software repair London

We Computing can repair most of the computer software, we fix blue screen issues, boot up problems, remove computer viruses, system crashes, operating system reinstallation, Microsoft outlook install, computer speed up fix


Wired and Wireless connectivity problems

 We have well experienced & trained staff to deal with your wireless modem or router to get your internet or networking going. We have remote support which we use it to save your time and money. We fix net gear router, d-link routers, Linksys wireless router, network switches, belkin router, cisco wireless router and updating firmware.


Data Recovery Service

pc data recovery londonWhen a computer stops working, it’s often loses the data, rather than the malfunctioning machine, that causes the most worry. We Computing team specialise in data recovery, we offer  NO DATA = NO FEE and we book your device for free estimate, so even when the data is deleted on hard drive 99% of the time we can recover it. We can recover all of your lost data quickly and efficiently. We run diagnostics and recovery on: hard drives, CD-ROMs, external hard drives, memory sticks and faulty volumes.

If your system has performance issues and slow to boot up and even slower to handle standard software, we make it run fast as when you bought it, we fix hard disk errors, faulty dvd and fan problems.

Disk Clean Up & Upgrading

virus removal londonThings for you to consider as defragmentation, spyware removal software, malware removal, virus removal and disk clean up, we replace motherboards, fix graphic cards and sound cards.

We can upgrade desktop and laptop memory, replace motherboards, remove unnecessary programs and offer advice and training on good computer maintenance practice, we offer dust clean up for the computer.

Some of the computer & PC repairs we can fix :

               --           Battery Problems           --  CD & DVD Drive Problems   

           --       Hard Drive Problems      --  Email, Modem & Internet Problems 

            --       PC pop up Messages    --  Screen Backlight Repair

            --       Keyboard Problems       --  PC Software Problems

            --       Media Card Reader       --  Memory Problems

            --       Mouse Problems            --  Network Problems

            --       Power Problems             --  Printer Problems

            --       Scanner Problems          --  Software Trouble Shooting

            --       Motherboard Repair        --  Video & Monitor Problems

            --       Keyboard Repair             --  Screen Replacement

            --       LCD Screen Repair         --  Keyboard Replacement

            --       Hard Drive replacement  --  Motherboard Replacement

            --       Data Back Up                  --  Hard Drive Data Recovery

            --       Inverter Replacement      --  Optical Drive Replacement

            --       Sound Problems              --  Operating System Installation

            --       Fix Video Issues              --  DC Power Jack Replacement

            --       DC Power Jack Repair    --  Fan Repair & Replacement

            --      Graphic Card Problems



 Some of our other computer repairs also include: 

  USB sockets, Ethernet sockets, Latches and many more.



Computer repair london service coverage :


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