Samsung hard disk replacment

Samsung Hard Disk

On a recent case at We Computing, a laptop was starting up windows but it was not responding in the normal mode but it was working in the safe mode, after running diagnostics by our engineers the problem they encountered was the fault in the hard disk. We gave the customer a quotation and then the customer agreed with the price and then we started the process of repair. The process started off by replacing the hard disk with a brand new one, then installing the windows operating system the customer had before along with the drivers. The engineers managed to repair the laptop same day. After the repair had been complete the customer wanted to recover the data from the faulty hard disk, and then we opened a separate case to recover the data.

Glued Keyboard & Fan Replacement

keyboard repair keyboard controllerRecently we had booked a customer for laptop fan replacement. The laptop was making lot of noise so we gave the customer a quote and the customer agreed for it. When the engineers at We Computing had opened the laptop keyboard was glued and it was really hard to open it. This laptop was previously opened by some inexperienced person and he might have fixed the laptop but did not know how to assemble the laptop.

Be careful, when you go to any repair center to repair your laptop. Make sure you are handing your computer in the right hands. The customers laptop which we had was glued in a very bad way. Our engineers had to clean the glued part and fixed in a proper way.