How to recover data from a hard disk advice

Well first first of all you need to ask yourself two questions

1. How is important is your data to you?      2. Do you have some IT skills?

Before we start our advice and tips, please always seek some professional advise!, if you have a hard disk that is clicking or making any strange noise or have liquid spillage, or you have dropped it then defiantly you do not want to make the situation worse so get it to professional data recovery centre. There are data recovery companies in London who offer a totally free estimate and we are happy to tell you we are one of these companies .

We will be talking about troubleshooting an external usb hard disk which stopped working:

1. Check if the power is going to the hard disk therefore  check the electric socket and the ac adapter .

2. Try to switch the hard disk off and then after 30 seconds or so switch it on and test

3. Try to use a different usb socket (where is the hard disk is plugged ) , if it is still not showing up

4. Try to turn your computer off and on and then plug the hard disk in and test

Things not to do unless you want to learn :

  1. No to put your hard disk in the fridge or in the oven!
  2. Do not try to open it yourself , it will cost you nothing for a data recovery engineer to test it for you .
  3. Do not try to shake the hard disk

The Good news is very often that  data on a failed hard disk or media are recoverable