How to block Cryptolocker Virus

Lately on the internet a virus called Crytolocker has been spreading around blocking computer files. This is a very strange malware, which gets into your computer and encrypts all the file. The malware encrypts your music files, pictures, movies, pdf files, excel sheet, word files and any attachment or file on the computer.

When the virus encrypts the file a red box will appear on the screen. And it will show the countdown for 72 hours which ticks backward. The victims who are ready to pay the ransom amount will get a key and all the files will be unlocked. If the timer expires, the virus destroys all the files and the data from the computer.

Recently we had a customer who was hit by the same virus. The customer got the hard disk to us to recover the data. Our engineers at We Computing are expert in data recovery. But for this kind of virus even the antivirus companies are looking for the solution. The virus encrypts the computers files and doesn’t let you access any data.

The following is the image from the Cryptolocker virus Red box which appears on the screen

Cryptop Locker Virus Image

It is advisable to use the anti virus software like Mc Afee, Symantec, Kaspersky & Avast anti virus. One of the tips from We Computing is not to open any zip files or attachments from unknown email addresses.

If you are having any issues with your PC or Laptop get in touch with us. We are happy to help you.