Glued Power Socket

Glued power socket Broken Power socket

On a previous occasion we had a case which involved an inexperienced engineer from a different repair centre gluing a keyboard to our customer’s computer after repairing their keyboard, we at We Computing resolved this issue with care. We then had another customer who visited our service centre who needed to replace their power socket as it were faulty, after diagnostics we found out that another previous engineer had glued this power socket which was faulty, we at We Computing had resolved this issue using the right tools and knowledge to replace this power socket and get it 100% right for our customer.

HP Folio 13 -1000 Screen Replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

While replacing the screen one has to be very careful and take proper steps, other wise you might end up damaging the screen. At We Computing we take extra care while replacing these delicate parts. Above is one of the pictures taken by our experts at We Computing. The HP screen replaced was done so successfully and works fine now, as before.

Macbook Air Liquid Damage

Recently we had a customer with Macbook Air liquid damage. The liquid went into the mother board and damaged the parts of the Macbook Air. Our engineers at We Computing diagnosed the problem within one or two days.

The Customer before coming to us went to Apple servicing centre and there was a 3 week waiting time for just diagnostics of the laptop and then after waiting long 3 weeks they will take another 3 to 4 weeks to fix it, giving you a very hefty amount of quotation.

The Customer then came to know about We Computing for Apple repairs london from google reviews and decided to get the laptop to us. We diagnosed within 1 day and gave the quotation for fixing it. The customer was very happy with the price. At We Computing we charge a very reasonable price for fixing the computer. Because our main motive is not profit but customer satisfaction.

The following are the images from the Liquid Damaged Macbook Air

Macbook air liquid spillage

Macbook Air liquid spillage

Macbook Air Back side

Macbook Air Back side

Apple laptop liquid damage

Apple laptop liquid damage

The Macbook Air has been fixed now and works smoothly as new. We give one to two months of warranty on all repairs for computers.

If you are having any issues with your computer, laptop or PC just get it to us. We will fix it for you for a very reasonable price. Give us a call for any IT advice.