Dirt Build Up on the Macbook Motherboard

dirt on motherboard

dirt build up on motherboard

This is one of our recent customers Apple Macbook. As you can see the Motherboard is fully covered with the dirt. The dirt on the laptop can affect the perfomance on the laptop. It will not only make your laptop work slow but also it will freeze many times, the temperature on the laptop can also increase if the fan are not regulating properly which in turn can lead to system failure.

It is advisable for every person who owns a laptop or PC should clean up their laptop or PC after every one year. And should also clean the laptop from outside on regular basis so that the dirt doesn’t go inside. If you do not have technical knowledge of opening the laptop or PC. You should take it to your nearest computer service center. This will not only¬† increase the life span of the laptop or PC but also maintain the performance of it.



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