CryptoLocker Virus File

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How much would you pay to avoid loosing your personal pictures on your PC? What about the important documents stored on the PC?  Recently in the computer world people have started receiving a troubling threat. The virus is killing all computers.

The virus is known as CryptoLocker and while the blackmail attempts may initially seem like idle threats, failing to pay could result in the files on the hard drive getting cryptographically locked, making them effectively unusable.

As soon it gets downloaded in the PC it installs by itself in the computer. After installing itself it starts scanning everything on the hard drive for a whole host of different file types—from family photographs to Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop documents—and encrypts them.

As soon as the virus is all over the hard drive and the encryption is complete, it will pop up a window informing the user that they just have 100 hours to pay a ransom amount. If you pay the amount then it will provide you with a key. If you don’t pay before the deadline the key is supposedly destroyed.


Advice & tips on how to prevent the CryptoLocker virus before it hits you

1)   Get a paid antivirus software with license key and keep it updated. Recommended antiviruses are Kaspersky, Symantec, F. Secure & Mc Afee.

2)   You might get a free trial version of antivirus which will last only a month but it is advisable to get a paid one

3)   Do not open any pop up or windows when you go on a website.

4)   Some of the browsers prevents you setting onto the spam websites

5)   Avoid and delete emails from unknown email address with attachments.

6)   Don’t click on the link provided in the junk mail, it might link you to a spam site

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