Unsuccessful MacBook Pro 15 DIY Repair

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A few days ago our engineers received a MacBook Pro with liquid damage. According to the customer the computer was powering on but the screen remained blank and did not respond to any actions. Before bringing their laptop, the customer bought a keyboard for it, assuming that replacing it would fix the issue with the screen. After thorough diagnostics our engineers discovered the laptop had liquid spillage, resulting in failure of the logic board. The keyboard had nothing to do with the screen. The solution was reasonably simple; the motherboard had to be replaced in order to bring the MacBook back to life.

Importance of cleaning liquid spillage

macbook air liquid spillage wine spillage on macbook air liquid damge macbook airWhy booking your computer with liquid spillage with some service centre which will take ages to look at it.  We can service your liquid damage computer within 24 hours to prevent it from further damage and stop it components from short circuits

Drinking can be injurious to your health and sometimes to your laptop as well. One of our customers while drinking spilled it on the laptop. The laptop was Macbook Air A1466. The customer tried to clean it up and tried to dry it. And after sometime the customer powered it on without knowing that the liquid might be inside. The laptop turned on for a while and then it suddenly turned off.

The customer bought the laptop to our service centre today and explained the whole story. We booked the laptop and diagnosed we found there was liquid inside.

It is very important in the case of liquid damage to clean it as soon as possible. Turn it off and if possible remove the battery. This will save it from short-circuits in the laptop. It would be recommendable to go a professional service centre to get it diagnosed and get it clean. This will save the life of the computer.

If you need such kind of service the same day why not choose We Computing. Our expert engineers can take care of it very easily.

Samsung hard disk replacment

Samsung Hard Disk

On a recent case at We Computing, a laptop was starting up windows but it was not responding in the normal mode but it was working in the safe mode, after running diagnostics by our engineers the problem they encountered was the fault in the hard disk. We gave the customer a quotation and then the customer agreed with the price and then we started the process of repair. The process started off by replacing the hard disk with a brand new one, then installing the windows operating system the customer had before along with the drivers. The engineers managed to repair the laptop same day. After the repair had been complete the customer wanted to recover the data from the faulty hard disk, and then we opened a separate case to recover the data.

Glued Power Socket

Glued power socket Broken Power socket

On a previous occasion we had a case which involved an inexperienced engineer from a different repair centre gluing a keyboard to our customer’s computer after repairing their keyboard, we at We Computing resolved this issue with care. We then had another customer who visited our service centre who needed to replace their power socket as it were faulty, after diagnostics we found out that another previous engineer had glued this power socket which was faulty, we at We Computing had resolved this issue using the right tools and knowledge to replace this power socket and get it 100% right for our customer.

HP Folio 13 -1000 Screen Replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

While replacing the screen one has to be very careful and take proper steps, other wise you might end up damaging the screen. At We Computing we take extra care while replacing these delicate parts. Above is one of the pictures taken by our experts at We Computing. The HP screen replaced was done so successfully and works fine now, as before.

Again Macbook 13 Screen Replacemnt , computer repair

Last week we had another customer who had a problem with a Macbook 13 inch screen. This time the problem was different. The screen was getting dim and dark which was creating a problem in the display.

The customer read our reviews on our google plus page and decided to come over to our service centre. As usual the customers laptop was booked in for diagnosing and handed to our expert team. The engineer in our team are very efficient and accurate in their work. At We Computing we aim at getting things perfect first time. Within one or two days the engineers found the problem and gave the quotation. The customer didn’t book it as an express diagnostics that is the reason it took one to two days. With our express services we give the quotation on the same day.

After giving the quotation to the customer, the customer agreed and the engineer started fixing it. Usually it takes a very short time to fix it depending on the problem and availability of the part. The engineers fixed the screen in two days. The laptop was once again in perfect condition.

Here are some of the snapshots we would like to show to our readers while we had the laptop open.

screen problem on Macbookour computer repair and apple repair in London would love to help you

Macbook 13 inch screen problem

This is what it looks like when the apple Macbook is opened. The second picture is zoomed more towards the motherboard.

If you are having any issue with your laptop, computer, desktop or PC please give us chance to make you remember our excellent computer services in centre London. We specialize in Apple repairs including the iMacs and PC repairs .




Macbook Air Screen Fixed the Same Day

In the last week we had a customer with a screen problem with a Macbook Air. The customer left the laptop for diagnosing with us at our computer repair center london. The customer was leaving to go abroad and requested to repair it as soon as possible. The engineers at our team diagnosed the problem and found the issue.

That same day we called the customer and gave them the quotation to the customer and asked whether to go ahead with the repairing. The price sounded very reasonable to the customer and the customer was ready for it.

By the end of the day the laptop screen was fixed and the laptop was ready to use. At We Computing we care about the customer requirement and deal with every customer individually.

The following are the images while fixing the laptop

macbook air broken screen

Macbook Air Screen Problem

Macbook Air with broken screen

Back of the screen

Screen problem for Macbook Air fixed

New Screen Fixed

If you are having any trouble with your PC, Laptop or Computers call us today to get the advice. We even specialize in data recovery, if your hard disk is crashed we will try to recover your data. Check our reviews on google before you try us.

Macbook Air Liquid Damage

Recently we had a customer with Macbook Air liquid damage. The liquid went into the mother board and damaged the parts of the Macbook Air. Our engineers at We Computing diagnosed the problem within one or two days.

The Customer before coming to us went to Apple servicing centre and there was a 3 week waiting time for just diagnostics of the laptop and then after waiting long 3 weeks they will take another 3 to 4 weeks to fix it, giving you a very hefty amount of quotation.

The Customer then came to know about We Computing for Apple repairs london from google reviews and decided to get the laptop to us. We diagnosed within 1 day and gave the quotation for fixing it. The customer was very happy with the price. At We Computing we charge a very reasonable price for fixing the computer. Because our main motive is not profit but customer satisfaction.

The following are the images from the Liquid Damaged Macbook Air

Macbook air liquid spillage

Macbook Air liquid spillage

Macbook Air Back side

Macbook Air Back side

Apple laptop liquid damage

Apple laptop liquid damage

The Macbook Air has been fixed now and works smoothly as new. We give one to two months of warranty on all repairs for computers.

If you are having any issues with your computer, laptop or PC just get it to us. We will fix it for you for a very reasonable price. Give us a call for any IT advice.


How to remove or uninstall MacKeeper

Please follow the simple steps to remove MacKeeper :

1. Quit Mackeeper

2. Open your application folder

3. Find the MacKeeper icon ‘ application ‘ and drag it to Trash

Macinstaller icon into trash

4. Enter your password and click OK

MacKeeper we computing

how to remove mackeeper by we computing technical team

5. The following window will appear, just click Uninstall MacKeeper

uninstalling the mackeeper

we computing IT support

6. Enter your password again if it prompts

7. Empty the trash to completely remove MacKeeper