We recomend not to use more than one ANTIVIRUS software on any windows operating system

Very important  to protect your computer with appropriate security software and keep it update to , there is no good just to install antivirus without the regular update from its manufacturer , like Kapsersky , F-Secure , Norton by Symantec  however  running more than one antivirus programs on your computer – for example, running McAfee  and Kaspersky can cause conflicts on your computer. This can make your computer behave badly , slow and mostly can cause computers crash.

Advise to avoid viruses :

  •  Avoid opening attachments from unknown emails
  • Avoid websites with pop ups and speciality those asking for security or to enable some settings .
  • Install Antivirus and keep it up to date at all time (update normal automatic )
  • Check for windows updates , click on START -> ALL PROGRAMS then Windows updates
  • Scan your external hard disks and usb memories etc. when you plug it to ur computer .