We recomend not to use more than one ANTIVIRUS software on any windows operating system

Very important  to protect your computer with appropriate security software and keep it update to , there is no good just to install antivirus without the regular update from its manufacturer , like Kapsersky , F-Secure , Norton by Symantec  however  running more than one antivirus programs on your computer – for example, running McAfee  and Kaspersky can cause conflicts on your computer. This can make your computer behave badly , slow and mostly can cause computers crash.

Advise to avoid viruses :

  •  Avoid opening attachments from unknown emails
  • Avoid websites with pop ups and speciality those asking for security or to enable some settings .
  • Install Antivirus and keep it up to date at all time (update normal automatic )
  • Check for windows updates , click on START -> ALL PROGRAMS then Windows updates
  • Scan your external hard disks and usb memories etc. when you plug it to ur computer .

Importance of cleaning liquid spillage

macbook air liquid spillage wine spillage on macbook air liquid damge macbook airWhy booking your computer with liquid spillage with some service centre which will take ages to look at it.  We can service your liquid damage computer within 24 hours to prevent it from further damage and stop it components from short circuits

Drinking can be injurious to your health and sometimes to your laptop as well. One of our customers while drinking spilled it on the laptop. The laptop was Macbook Air A1466. The customer tried to clean it up and tried to dry it. And after sometime the customer powered it on without knowing that the liquid might be inside. The laptop turned on for a while and then it suddenly turned off.

The customer bought the laptop to our service centre today and explained the whole story. We booked the laptop and diagnosed we found there was liquid inside.

It is very important in the case of liquid damage to clean it as soon as possible. Turn it off and if possible remove the battery. This will save it from short-circuits in the laptop. It would be recommendable to go a professional service centre to get it diagnosed and get it clean. This will save the life of the computer.

If you need such kind of service the same day why not choose We Computing. Our expert engineers can take care of it very easily.

Glued Keyboard & Fan Replacement

keyboard repair keyboard controllerRecently we had booked a customer for laptop fan replacement. The laptop was making lot of noise so we gave the customer a quote and the customer agreed for it. When the engineers at We Computing had opened the laptop keyboard was glued and it was really hard to open it. This laptop was previously opened by some inexperienced person and he might have fixed the laptop but did not know how to assemble the laptop.

Be careful, when you go to any repair center to repair your laptop. Make sure you are handing your computer in the right hands. The customers laptop which we had was glued in a very bad way. Our engineers had to clean the glued part and fixed in a proper way.

Dirt Build Up on the Macbook Motherboard

dirt on motherboard

dirt build up on motherboard

This is one of our recent customers Apple Macbook. As you can see the Motherboard is fully covered with the dirt. The dirt on the laptop can affect the perfomance on the laptop. It will not only make your laptop work slow but also it will freeze many times, the temperature on the laptop can also increase if the fan are not regulating properly which in turn can lead to system failure.

It is advisable for every person who owns a laptop or PC should clean up their laptop or PC after every one year. And should also clean the laptop from outside on regular basis so that the dirt doesn’t go inside. If you do not have technical knowledge of opening the laptop or PC. You should take it to your nearest computer service center. This will not only  increase the life span of the laptop or PC but also maintain the performance of it.



How to Identify if You Have a Logic Board Problem



In this post we will tell you a simple explanation of how to identify a logic board problem, but before starting with this we will tell you what a logic board is.

What is a logic Board?

A logic board also known as a motherboard or system board is a computer part that is inside your laptop. The logic board is mostly associated with Apple Mac. The logic board holds the internal circuitry of your laptop and a number of key system components, along with ports that connect to other parts of the computer to enable connectivity and expand the functionality. This is the main part of your laptop.

Logic Board Problems?

There are many different signs that can be associated with a logic board problem here are just a few but are not limited to; unexplainable crashing, unusual noises and display issues. If other parts are at fault as well as the logic board you may see these signs plus more.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your computer we can help. Here at We Computing we specialize in computer repair, just drop by our service centre and we will be happy to help.

How to clean dust out of a laptop

tips to clean computerHow to clean dust out of a laptop fan or Laptop dust cleaning

Before we start, in general to clean your laptop , you need to bring it to a service centre to clean it properly , but the following steps will sure help :

Advice: do not use an AIR duster as the compressed air could turn into liquid when you release it quick , therefore follow the next steps to clean dust from your laptop:

1. Find the fan hole, normally you need to turn the laptop upside down to see it

2. Some laptops have the fan extractor on the left or right side .

3. Use the hoover to extract the dust by bringing the hoover tube nasal to the computer side of the fan.

4. Doing the above steps every 3-4 months will help keep your laptop clean.

Good Luck



How to save your laptop (computer) from liquid damage

Spilling liquid on your laptop isn’t necessarily the end of the world. What to do with laptop liquid spillage:

We always hear, I spilled liquid on my laptop keyboard yesterday and the keys are messed up …, or I spilled water on my  laptop keyboard or my apple mac , what shall I do ? Well here is the advice :

1. Remove main electricity (ac adapter or power adapter) from the computer

2. Remove the battery immediately and do not attempt to power it on to prevent short circuiting the pc internal hardware

3. Try to dry you pc with a cloth immediately and place it in a warm place

2. Take it to the nearest computer repair centre ASAP  and make sure they look at it same day if the spillage was the same day , as this could cost you £25 to clean it but will save your computer.

By the way do not put the computer on or put rice on the computer, it goes inside the computer and blocks the fan from rotating , stops your dvd and others;

We had a customer who put rice on the computer and when we asked why he said I read it on google !! , Yep rice ! Look at the pictures
we computing computer liquid spillage service

we computing computer liquid spillage service

we computing computer liquid spillage service

we computing computer liquid spillage service


we computing computer liquid spillage service

we computing computer liquid spillage service


We Computing team specialize in data recovery in London .