Advise when Hard drives make a clicking or clunking noise

When a hard drive starts spinning, and then you hear a clicking noise with a constant or intermittent sound while unsuccessfully trying boot or be recognised by your computer, usually this is a sign of damaged or crashed heads inside the hard disk drive. It means the drive needs to be opened in a class 100 clean room environment in order to do a data recovery.

Don’t try to open the drive by yourself (use a data recovery service in London) and best not to keep trying to connect the hardware (hard disk drive ) to your computer or a power source you could damage the platters making your data hard to recover.

Use a data recovery service at in the end of the day ask yourself a question, is your data important?

Hard disk drive data recovery should bring your data as it was , get in touch with our data recovery service in the centre of London and  we defiantly will help 020 7580 8496

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