4 TB HDD for iMac 2007

4 tb hdd at wecomputing

4 tb hdd added to imac 2007

Image 1 for iMac 2007

4 tb hdd for imac 2007

Modified imac 2007 with 4tb

Image 2 for iMac 2007

add 4 tb hdd to imac

Modification done to imac 2007

Image 3 for iMac 2007

 The above images shows the inside of the iMac. We have recently added 4TB HDD for the iMac 2007 which is running very smoothly. Every computer engineer was finding it hard to customize such thing. The only advice every engineer was giving was give the iMac away and get a new one. But the engineers at We Computing tried to work hard on it and make it happen.

Our customer is happy and satisfied with modifications done for the computer. We saved £1200 for the customer with the modification. At wecomputing we try to make every impossible thing possible with the team. If you have any issues with your PC we can fix it for you, try us.

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