HP Folio 13 -1000 Screen Replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

Hp Folio 13 3000 screen replacement

While replacing the screen one has to be very careful and take proper steps, other wise you might end up damaging the screen. At We Computing we take extra care while replacing these delicate parts. Above is one of the pictures taken by our experts at We Computing. The HP screen replaced was done so successfully and works fine now, as before.

Data recovered from 3TB HDD

3tb hdd data recovered

hard disk recovery 3 tb hdd

We Computing recently successfully recovered data from 3TB HDD. The customer came in with a crashed hdd and most of the data inside the hdd was media files, as mentioned by the customer. Our engineers diagnosed the hdd and gave the quotation for it. The customer agreed the price and asked us to go ahead for the recovery. We recovered almost 99% of the data. It took 2 weeks to recover the data.

At We Computing we try our best to make the customer satisfied and happy.