Again Macbook 13 Screen Replacemnt , computer repair

Last week we had another customer who had a problem with a Macbook 13 inch screen. This time the problem was different. The screen was getting dim and dark which was creating a problem in the display.

The customer read our reviews on our google plus page and decided to come over to our service centre. As usual the customers laptop was booked in for diagnosing and handed to our expert team. The engineer in our team are very efficient and accurate in their work. At We Computing we aim at getting things perfect first time. Within one or two days the engineers found the problem and gave the quotation. The customer didn’t book it as an express diagnostics that is the reason it took one to two days. With our express services we give the quotation on the same day.

After giving the quotation to the customer, the customer agreed and the engineer started fixing it. Usually it takes a very short time to fix it depending on the problem and availability of the part. The engineers fixed the screen in two days. The laptop was once again in perfect condition.

Here are some of the snapshots we would like to show to our readers while we had the laptop open.

screen problem on Macbookour computer repair and apple repair in London would love to help you

Macbook 13 inch screen problem

This is what it looks like when the apple Macbook is opened. The second picture is zoomed more towards the motherboard.

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Macbook Air Screen Fixed the Same Day

In the last week we had a customer with a screen problem with a Macbook Air. The customer left the laptop for diagnosing with us at our computer repair center london. The customer was leaving to go abroad and requested to repair it as soon as possible. The engineers at our team diagnosed the problem and found the issue.

That same day we called the customer and gave them the quotation to the customer and asked whether to go ahead with the repairing. The price sounded very reasonable to the customer and the customer was ready for it.

By the end of the day the laptop screen was fixed and the laptop was ready to use. At We Computing we care about the customer requirement and deal with every customer individually.

The following are the images while fixing the laptop

macbook air broken screen

Macbook Air Screen Problem

Macbook Air with broken screen

Back of the screen

Screen problem for Macbook Air fixed

New Screen Fixed

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How to block Cryptolocker Virus

Lately on the internet a virus called Crytolocker has been spreading around blocking computer files. This is a very strange malware, which gets into your computer and encrypts all the file. The malware encrypts your music files, pictures, movies, pdf files, excel sheet, word files and any attachment or file on the computer.

When the virus encrypts the file a red box will appear on the screen. And it will show the countdown for 72 hours which ticks backward. The victims who are ready to pay the ransom amount will get a key and all the files will be unlocked. If the timer expires, the virus destroys all the files and the data from the computer.

Recently we had a customer who was hit by the same virus. The customer got the hard disk to us to recover the data. Our engineers at We Computing are expert in data recovery. But for this kind of virus even the antivirus companies are looking for the solution. The virus encrypts the computers files and doesn’t let you access any data.

The following is the image from the Cryptolocker virus Red box which appears on the screen

Cryptop Locker Virus Image

It is advisable to use the anti virus software like Mc Afee, Symantec, Kaspersky & Avast anti virus. One of the tips from We Computing is not to open any zip files or attachments from unknown email addresses.

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Macbook Air Liquid Damage

Recently we had a customer with Macbook Air liquid damage. The liquid went into the mother board and damaged the parts of the Macbook Air. Our engineers at We Computing diagnosed the problem within one or two days.

The Customer before coming to us went to Apple servicing centre and there was a 3 week waiting time for just diagnostics of the laptop and then after waiting long 3 weeks they will take another 3 to 4 weeks to fix it, giving you a very hefty amount of quotation.

The Customer then came to know about We Computing for Apple repairs london from google reviews and decided to get the laptop to us. We diagnosed within 1 day and gave the quotation for fixing it. The customer was very happy with the price. At We Computing we charge a very reasonable price for fixing the computer. Because our main motive is not profit but customer satisfaction.

The following are the images from the Liquid Damaged Macbook Air

Macbook air liquid spillage

Macbook Air liquid spillage

Macbook Air Back side

Macbook Air Back side

Apple laptop liquid damage

Apple laptop liquid damage

The Macbook Air has been fixed now and works smoothly as new. We give one to two months of warranty on all repairs for computers.

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